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Design for yourself

I did’t train as an engineer or anthropologist —two of the more common pathways into design thinking. In fact, I found the language and tools of design after I was well into my career in healthcare. I’m aware I’m not a seasoned designer, but not always sure I know what I don’t know…I am, as Noel Burch would say, consciously incompetent. Lately, I’ve… Read more →

Innovation for four legs

The Lynchburg Humane Society had a challenge: short on space, their feline intake area was subpar; cats were getting sick. They reached out to a local machine shop who built custom connectors for their cages. With more room, and more socialization, cats are actually healthier. Clever!   Read more →

From Elsewhere: Insourcing Health Care Innovation — NEJM

Best argument I’ve seen for the creation of internal, embedded innovation centers to promote design-thinking as a culture in health systems. Insourcing Health Care Innovation — NEJM.   Many health care profession- als find it irritating when management gurus recommend solving health care’s problems with approaches they would “copy and paste” from unrelated industries …   …Health care is not… Read more →