My grandma was a Maker

My grandmother, Grace, passed away nearly a year ago. She was a maker and hacker, although she wouldn’t have used those terms, her whole life. Everything was a prototype. If something didn’t quite work right, she’d go to her tractor shed or basement and find some parts and improve it. Her meat grinder had a suction cup stand she robbed… Read more →

HOWTO for hospitals: host a live MedX viewing for patients and staff

I’ve written before about Stanford’s Medicine X event. It’s a rare breed – a conference to which I feel a deep emotional connection. Those of us closely connected to MedX often say its where magic happens. I don’t know any other event like it; with it’s energetic empowered ePatients, innovative partners like IDEO and an anchoring academic medicine focus. I remain… Read more →

Design for yourself

I did’t train as an engineer or anthropologist —two of the more common pathways into design thinking. In fact, I found the language and tools of design after I was well into my career in healthcare. I’m aware I’m not a seasoned designer, but not always sure I know what I don’t know…I am, as Noel Burch would say, consciously incompetent. Lately, I’ve… Read more →

collaboration > litigation – Tesla opens its patents

Elon Musk, the C.E.O. of Tesla, opened up all of his patents. “Tesla will not initiate patent lawsuits against anyone who, in good faith, wants to use our technology,” he wrote in a blog post. Tesla’s competitors can now freely take advantage of its batteries, chargers, or sunroofs.   Musk isn’t entirely an altruist. Tesla makes electric cars, and will… Read more →

Meet Barb

Actually, I don’t know her name. But we’ll call her Barb. She, or rather the waterproof luggage carrier on her car caught my eye when I was walking my dog, Ippa, this morning. It was a shiny new contrast to the rather old, worn-in four door to which it was attached. Barb was asleep in the front seat. Later, when… Read more →

Nothing about me, without me

“I don’t think there should ever be a medical meeting ever again that doesn’t have patients,” says @marcrkatz. SAY IT LOUD! #h2t — AfternoonNapper (@AfternoonNapper) June 9, 2014   Spot on! We’re already seeing the Patients Included initiative taking off at some events: Stanford Medicine X TEDMED Doctors 2.0 Read more →