Meet Barb

shoppingActually, I don’t know her name. But we’ll call her Barb. She, or rather the waterproof luggage carrier on her car caught my eye when I was walking my dog, Ippa, this morning. It was a shiny new contrast to the rather old, worn-in four door to which it was attached. Barb was asleep in the front seat.

Later, when I was on the last stretch of my morning run, I thought about Barb, asleep in her car. I thought I should go the other way because, well, it’s kind of a bummer and I was in the zone. Then I though really? You’re sucking wind and you think that’s hard? She’s sleeping in her car! I decided I’d go see if Barb was awake.

We made eye contact and I slowed to a jog and then stopped. “I’m getting coffee and a bagel,” I announced, “can I get you something too?” She was sheepish a first, and shrugged to indicate an inaudible yes. I asked her if she’d like anything else.

“I’m a vegetarian,” she told me.

“So am I! That’ll make this easy. Give me 10 minutes, I’ll be right back.”

I returned from the local coffee shop with a bagel, side of hummus and some black coffee. “I’m actually vegan, so I don’t put anything in mine, hope that’s ok?”

“Fine by me. I never ate meat, I guess I care for animals too much,” she said. “And I raised my two girls that way too. But I dream about milk. I jokingly say, I’m a milk-aholic..” She was standing in the street in her bare feet, outside of her car-turned-home as I took off to finish the rest of my run.