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From the people (person) who brought you such posts as big news through 80’s sitcom themes and big news through a sketchnote comes an outrageous new post. Coming this summer, Nick Dawson is the guy who shares news via reaction GIFs.

I’ve had this fantasy wherein some forward-thinking community hospital really embraces human centered design thinking. I’m fairly resolute that empathetic design is our best bet for creating a sustainable health delivery system patients and providers feel good about.

A few months ago, I learned Johns Hopkins Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, DC was launching a new Innovation Hub. The Hub’s goals are to foster design-thinking as an approach for innovation, culture change, process improvement and quality.

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The more I learned about Sibley’s Innovation strategy, the more revolutionary it sounded; an embedded innovation team, with a Stanford space and focus, and an emphasis on spreading design thinking across the organization. The plan even called for codesign with patients.


Then I learned Sibley was hiring an executive director of the Innovation Hub.

And I was asked to interview…


And we talked about the intersection of healthcare, policy, and human-centered innovation…


And then I met the entire team…


And then I got the job!


In a few weeks, I’ll be moving to Washington DC to work with Sibley Memorial Hospital. I’ll be part of the team launching Sibley’s new Innovation Hub. Our goal: work with patients, families, providers, payors, administrators, policy makers, other hospitals…everyone…to apply human-centered innovation and design thinking to improve healthcare. How fun is that?



I’ll miss you Richmond. RVA will always be a special place for me. The past 15 years here have seen some big changes. We’re no longer the banking capitol of Virginia. Richmond has embraced its funky, creative, outdoorsy self and what’s not to love?


But, at the same time, DC is only a short train ride away. In fact, I’ve prepared this handy chart for our reference:

conveyance travel time
car eleventy hundred hours on I–95
train a reasonable 2 hours
plane a quick 30 minutes and NSA background check


I’m also proud to have been able to work with some amazing people and organizations here over the recent years, many of which I plan to stay connected with.

But this isn’t goodbye.

William Faulkner is one of my favorite writers. When he ended his sabbatical as Writer in Residence at the University of Virginia, he addressed a Charlottesville, Virginia audience:

I won’t even say goodbye. Every individual is the sum total of his past, so when I leave here, I will leave something of Faulkner in Albemarle County, where Faulkner was happy. When I go away, I will take with me something of Albemarle County. I will always come back so that those two separates can be joined again. I won’t need to say goodbye. And each time I come back, I’ll be saying, “Much obliged.”