Design for yourself

I did’t train as an engineer or anthropologist —two of the more common pathways into design thinking. In fact, I found the language and tools of design after I was well into my career in healthcare. I’m aware I’m not a seasoned designer, but not always sure I know what I don’t know…I am, as Noel Burch would say, consciously incompetent. Lately, I’ve… Read more →


Spotted on the Facebooks: I really like these reframings  great for design thinking too. We often think we aren’t creative, or as accomplished in some area as another person. Reframing the concern is a good way to move from doubt to confident. Post by The BULLY Project. Read more →

Grove Ave Water Stop

Every runner in Richmond knows the Grove Avenue Water Stop. It’s a small, simple, act of kindness: a small cooler of water, a container of cups, a trash can and some dog treats. It even has a Facebook fan page. From the Richmond Times Dispatch from November, 2011. Every morning, Sheri Crowell fills up the Rubbermaid drink cooler with water and… Read more →