The Rescue

The sound of animals in distress – the great Botswana Rescue Adventure

Animals in destress have a unmistakeable urgency to their sounds and movements. Impala will run for fun, with a fast, agile, bouncy step. But when they are threatened, their gate takes on an entirely different profile. They signal to each other with an audible and disquieting hiss. It turns out people in distress are no different. We were tracking lions.… Read more →

Things that matter: Wikipedia

Every year I donate to Wikimedia, the parent organization of Wikipedia. Why? First, Wikipedia is more accurate than you think. Secondly, it is the tth most popular website in the world and the only site in the top ten which is fundamentally about collaboratively generated knowledge. But the most important reason I donate to Wikipedia is that for many patients… Read more →

Improving community health with more people and less cost

I’ve been wrestling with the uncomfortable realization that most of the innovation efforts in healthcare really just incremental improvements. Sure, we’re making wait times in the ED shorter, and we’ve made the imaging centers look like fancy hotels. We’re also making seriously and important strides at reducing harm and improving quality. But these are all just incremental improvements. They are iterations on… Read more →

Best. Run. Ever

I’d like to tell you the best 3.2 miles I’ve ever run was my 5K PR. I should probably at least say it was the last three hellish miles (plus that nasty point two) of a marathon. But no, it was tonight’s run. “Look, Nick, the MRI shows some early arthritis and your meniscus is funky, but I don’t see… Read more →


Diagnose Nick’s knee (part 4)

Well, it’s that time of the year again. Time to diagnose knee and leg pain. Step right up folks and spin the wheel.   Symptoms: mild to moderate knee pain during running, transitioned into acute pain in leg. Studies: Bone scan showed bone growth in lower femur, suggesting fractured femur. Theory: Knee issue cased change in gait, resulting in fractured… Read more →