I live in Richmond VA
I’m an avid skier
I work in healthcare, specifically around design thinking and innovation and patient experience
I’m a vegan.
I’m trying to become a better photographer
I’m often asked to speak about about innovation patient-centered design in healthcare
I’m on the internets… a lot including twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn


Stanford Medicine X advisory board and ePatient advisory board member.

The Society of Participatory MedicineThe Society of Participatory Medicine President-Elect

MayoMayo Clinic Social Health Network advisory board member.

  • http://mdigitallife.com Greg Matthews

    Love the new home, Nick! Can’t wait to see what you’re servin’ up here!

  • Vintage RVA

    Hello – Chris Johnson here. I’m a physician in RVA with sub specialty Peds training. People keep mentioning place where others in our area travel for Peds care. They site places that have children’s hospitals. But one name that keeps coming up is Duke. They do not have a separate Peds hospital. They have a floor in the main hospital with a large outpatient center for Peds next to the main hospital.
    And to make matters more confusing, UNC does have a children’s hospital a mere 10 miles away. And what’s more, WakeMed in Raleigh offers almost full comprehensive pediatric care (with a dedicated pediatric floor in the hospital). The greater Raleigh-Durham area offers world-class care across multiple hospital systems, and of the three, the one that is quoted most from Richmonders who want better care here doesn’t even have a children’s hospital! So I think you can make an arguement against the fractured care model here or the need of a children’s hospital to provide top notch care!